Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

Public Awareness/Training Resources

Cycle of Violence
The Cycle of Violence has been described has having three stages: the tension building stage; the violent episode; and the honeymoon stage. Each stage is defined by certain characteristics.

Domestic Violence Resource Manual for Healthcare Professionals
The Manual helps providers recognize domestic violence; feel comfortable in screening for domestic violence and provides important resources and tools. Since the release of the Manual, members of the Medical Committee have traveled the state training nurses, doctors, residents, and other medical professionals regarding the complexities of screening and working with victims of domestic violence.

Power & Control Wheels

Power & Control Wheel (below) shows the kinds of behavior perpetrators use to gain and maintain control over their victim. Domestic violence abuse is never an accident.
Domestic Violence Abuse
Domestic Violence Abuse (Spanish)
Later in Life
Lesbian, Gay, Transgender & Bisexual
Second Hand Abuse
Teen Dating Violence

Teen Sexting Fact Sheet
A fact sheet for teens, parents and educators

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Websites

National Domestic Violence Hotline Information on Dating and Violence
Break the Cycle
Love is
Safe & Respectful

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