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Much of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council’s work is accomplished through Committees comprised of Council members, staff, advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, service providers, and community members. The diverse membership of DVCC Committees allows for greater input on domestic violence issues.

The diverse membership of DVCC Subcommittees allows for greater input on domestic violence issues. The focus of the Subcommittees is: to collaboratively, uniformly and continuously review the system response to domestic violence; to identify and prioritize system issues; and to develop plans and goals to address system issues. This process leads to improvements to the system through policy development and when needed, legislative change.


Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence Committee (established 2022)

Members examine the link between animal abuse and domestic violence and work to review services and systems for ways to identify and address these issues.

Children and Domestic Violence Committee

Members examine services and system gaps for children experiencing domestic violence.

Criminal Justice Committee

Members consistently review criminal justice system’s response to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Elderly and Domestic Violence Committee

Members continuously review data and information about the prevalence of domestic violence against aging Delawareans.

Immigration Committee

Members openly discuss barriers confronting an Immigrant Victim and works to effectuate change by reviewing the changing laws, service issues and needs of the immigrant victim.

Legislative Committee

Members review proposed legislation addressing domestic violence and sexual assault issues and considers legislative initiatives to be sponsored by the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

Medical Committee

Members seek to provide accessible information and education to health care providers in Delaware regarding the screening and treatment of patients for domestic violence.

Public Awareness / Education Committee

Members promote awareness and education about domestic violence, sexual assault and resources available to victims.

Training Committee

Committee members assist with identifying domestic violence and sexual assault training needs throughout the State and to create opportunities to provide evidence-based instruction to professionals and community organizations.

Treatment Committee

Members develop and review batterers’ intervention policies and procedures (Domestic Violence Intervention Standards) which mandate specific credentials, education and training for treatment service providers as well as outlining the components required for program content.

Family Justice Center Steering Committee (established 2021)

The Steering Committee was established to explore and study the feasibility of establishing a Family Justice Center model in Delaware.


Other DVCC Committees:

Domestic Violence Intervention Certification Panel

Certifies offender intervention programs.

Fatal Incident Review Team

Reviews Delaware fatal domestic violence incidents.

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