Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

DVCC Outstanding Service Award Nomination Guidelines

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The DVCC annually recognizes individuals, teams or groups that demonstrate outstanding service and support for victims and survivors in the field of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Deadline: Nomination Period will be open every year during the period of July 1st- July 31st. Nominations submitted after July 31st will not be accepted.

The award is presented every October, during the proclamation signing event for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Eligibility Requirements

Carefully review the following requirements to determine whether the individual or team you wish to nominate is eligible for an award.

  1. You may nominate one, or more, worthy candidates, including individuals, a team of individuals or a program.
  2. Nominees can include, but are not limited to, professionals or volunteers from Non-Profit Organizations (NPO), federal, state, or local units of government in direct victim services and allied professionals.
  3. Previous award recipients are not eligible for subsequent awards.
  4. Elected officials are not eligible for consideration.
  5. Candidates that are nominated, but not selected, in previous years are eligible for re-nomination.

If the individual, team, or program you wish to nominate meets these requirements, please review the submission guidelines prior to initiating your nomination.

Submission Guidelines

1. Essential information.

  • Each Submission must provide the nominator’s full name and email.
  • Each Submission must include the nominee’s full name, email address and a phone number.

Note: If you are nominating a program or team, please provide the name and email address of the individual(s) who would accept the award on behalf of the group.

2.  Nomination Form:  In the space provided, please summarize the nominee’s accomplishments and your reason for nominating this individual in 100 words or less.

3. Nomination letter. Each nomination form must be accompanied by a signed letter that reflects as much as you know about the nominee’s accomplishments and services in supporting victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Make sure that your letter answers all the questions asked in the criteria. Your nomination letter should include your title, affiliation, and mailing and e-mail addresses.

Please describe how the nominee meets the following criteria:

  • Describe why the nominee is deserving of this award from the DVCC.
  • What did the nominee accomplish on behalf of victims and survivors that is particularly noteworthy?
  • How does the nominee’s service or program affect the victims service community?
  • How do the nominee’s actions influence attitudes, policies, or practices in the field of domestic violence and/or sexual assault?

No anonymous nominations will be accepted.

Letters of support for the nomination may be submitted as additional information.


If you have any questions, please contact DVCC Staff at

Download the nomination form from this page.

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