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Criminal Justice Committee - DVCC logoEnhancing victim safety has always been the highest priority of the DVCC from the initial passage of the Protection From Abuse statute to a multitude of other initiatives designed to increase the safety of domestic violence victims and their families through increase collaboration and enhanced system response.

The focus of the Criminal Justice Committee is to continuously review the system responses to domestic violence and sexual assault. The Committee works together to identify and implement improvements to the Criminal Justice system through policy development. This committee brings law enforcement, the courts, advocates and community partners to resolve issues specific to the needs of those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Hon. Jan Jurden
President Judge, Superior Court

Melissa Pennachi
At-Large Member

M / Cpl. Andrea Warfel
Delaware State Police

Linda Carmichael
Designee for President Judge Jurden

Staff Information:
Lauren Cuevas,
Social Service Senior Administrator
(302) 255-1702

See calendar for meeting dates


Legislation – Enhancing Victim Safety & Protection

Firearm(11 Del.C § 1448)
Firearms pose a particular threat to victims of domestic violence. In the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence’s 2012 publication, Gun Laws Matter 2012: understanding the Link between Weak Laws and Gun Violence, the Law Center ranked Delaware 11th out of 50 states for its gun violence prevention laws.

Stalking(11 Del.C § 1311)
Stalking is a distinctive form of criminal activity composed of a series of actions that, if taken individually, might constitute legal behavior. Prior to the passage of stalking laws, police and prosecutors often felt they were unable to adequately assist victims threatened by a stalker. The DVCC, in cooperation with the Victims’ Rights Task Force, sought to strengthen Delaware’s stalking and harassment statutes to better protect victims

Strangulation(11 Del.C § 607)
Strangulation is a significant risk factor for attempted or completed homicide by an intimate partner. Despite the intense peril to victims, strangulation was long overlooked as a crime and was widely referred to as “choking”, minimizing its high risk for lethality, serious injury, and long-lasting emotional trauma. When a person is strangled, it is not uncommon for there to be no visible injuries. However, these invisible injuries can be so severe as to cause the victim’s death several days later. Strangulation can cause neurological problems, paralysis, miscarriage, mental health problems, pain, insomnia and vision changes.


Police/Department of Correction Advocates

Delaware State Police Victims’ Center (24 Hours)

The Victim Service staff is prepared to assist victims, witnesses and families with professional resources.

Delaware State Police Victims’ Center (Bilingual Spanish/English Advocate)
302-633-5000 x229

Department of Corrections, Probation and Parole, Office of Victim Services
New Castle County 302-323-6050 ext. 220
Kent County 302-674-7193
Sussex County 302-856-524 ext.174

Assists the victim to become both informed and involved so that they may experience less frustration and trauma with prison and probation personnel and be better prepared to participate in the corrections process if they choose. DOC wants victims to be able to receive a complete picture of the effects of crime, enhancing DOC’s ongoing evaluations of the effectiveness of community and rehabilitative programs.

Dover Police Department Victim Services

Services provided to crime victims and their families vary in each case depending upon the needs of the individual. Services include: death notifications, crisis intervention, referrals to community based services, criminal justice updates, court accompaniments, assistance with filing for violent crime compensation through the state, as well as a host of other services as needed in each particular case.

ICE HSI Resident Agent in Charge Wilmington

Georgetown Police  Victim Services

New Castle County Police Victim Services

New Castle County Police Bilingual (Spanish/English) Advocate

Newark Police Department Victim Services
302-366-7110 ext. 137

Wilmington Police Victim Services 

Wilmington Police Domestic Violence Victim Services Coordinator

Wilmington Police Victim Services (Bilingual-Spanish/English Advocate)


Legal Services

(Protection From Abuse Orders, child support & custody, and visitation & divorce. Call for qualification and specific services.)


Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc.(DVLS)
New Castle County 302-478-8850
Kent & Sussex Counties  888-225-0582

Assists clients with problems relating to Protection from Abuse, divorce and custody cases involving domestic violence, guardianship, housing, Landlord/Tenant, wills, government benefits, home ownership and consumer issues

Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI)
New Castle County  302-575-0660
Kent County 302-674-8500
Sussex County 302-856-0038

Provides free legal services to people with disabilities, older citizens (60 and over), victims of housing discrimination, people living in poverty, victims of domestic violence and immigrant victims of crime, abuse and neglect.

CHILD, Inc. Domestic Violence Advocacy Program
New Castle County 302-255-0420
Kent County 302-672-1075
Sussex County 302-856-5843

Help with PFA Orders (does not include ‘legal advice’ but will assist with the process)




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