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batterers'The Domestic Violence Intervention Certification Panel (formerly Batterers’ Intervention Certification Panel) is a subcommittee of the Treatment Committee.  The Panel is responsible for overseeing and ensuring that treatment programs meet all specified requirements of the Domestic Violence Intervention Standards prior to being added to the list of Certified Treatment Programs.

The Panel is made up of eleven members from designated agencies as prescribed by the Certification Rules and Procedures.  The panelists include:

  • a representative from three of the certified treatment programs;
  • a victim advocate from an agency or organization that works directly with domestic violence victims;
  • a representative from Family Court;
  • the Attorney General’s office;
  • Probation and Parole;
  • Youth Rehabilitation Services;
  • Office of Defense Services;
  • Department of Correction’s Treatment Unit; and,
  • a representative from Delaware Prevention and Behavioral Health Services with experience in adolescent development.

The Panel meets every March, and as needed, to review Certified Treatment Programs’ Annual Reports to ensure that programs remain in compliance with the Intervention Standards including compliance with all continuing education requirements for facilitators.  The annual review process helps Delaware maintain high quality and streamlined treatment services statewide.

In 2017, the DVCC utilized external reviewers to evaluate the existing Batterers’ Intervention Programs; the Executive Summary of that evaluation and the Full Report are linked above.  The Evaluation identified that the model being used in Delaware is comprehensive and evidence-based.  Re-arrest rates for those who had participated in these treatment programs were significantly lower than for participants who did not complete.  The report also included a summary of key challenges with recommendations.  Many of those recommendations have since been addressed and implemented and others are in process.


Online classes for court ordered domestic violence offender treatment are not approved by the Delaware Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.

There are currently two certified Treatment Programs in Delaware:

507 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, DE 19809
Phone: (302) 762-8989
Fax: (302) 762-8987
Peoples Place II
(Turning Point)
1129 Airport Road
Milford, DE 19963
Phone: (302) 424-2420
Fax: (302) 424-2402


Staff Information:

Sara Paris, Planner IV

See calendar for meeting dates



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