Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

Delaware Schools

Guide for responding to Teen Dating and Sexual Violence in Delaware Schools
Provides guidelines for Delaware schools for corresponding to teen dating and sexual violence and references the applicable laws and statutes. It provides schools a blueprint for creating a comprehensive and effective response to violence and/or abuse. It also contains information on mandatory reporting of child abuse, neglect, unlawful sexual contact with minors and threats of harm to self or others.

Healthy Relationship Curriculum
Middle school students will be challenged to reflect on how their attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, comments, and values shape their relationships with peers, friends, family, and the school community. This unit is designed as a primary prevention approach to interpersonal violence, teen dating violence, and domestic violence.

Educator Training – Office of Child Advocate
By selecting group code Educators, you are given access to the Mandatory Reporting Training for teachers and staff in educational settings. Please note that Delaware public school teachers must access this online course through Blackboard to be in compliance with the yearly training requirements per 14 Del .C. § 4123.

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