Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

Immigration Domestic Violence Information

Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence Guide For Advocates
The Guide provides practical tips and considerations to help advocates address the complex and unique needs of an immigrant victim.


Information on the Legal Rights Available to Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence


Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families
1825 Faulkland Road
Wilmington, DE 19805-1195
Phone: (302) 633-2500
Bi-lingual persons available to assist with domestic incidents involving children and the Department of Services for Children, Youth, and Their Families.


Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Children & Domestic Violence Committee
DVCC Staff Person: Natasha Smith
Phone: (302) 255-0408

Immigration Committee
DVCC Staff Person: Aimee String
Phone: (302) 424-7238


Delaware Shelter for Immigrant Women

Abriendo Puertas
Latino/a Domestic Violence Hotline (Kent & Sussex Counties)
Phone: (302) 745-9874
24-hour on-call bi-lingual hotline, shelter, and advocacy

Delaware Courts / Translation
Administrative Office of the Courts
Phone: (302) 255-0093
Court translation

Immigration Service Providers

Office of Foreign Born
Office of the Attorney General
820 N. French Street, 6th Floor
Wilmington, DE  19801
Phone: (302) 577-8390
Phone: (302) 577-5866

Department of Justice Sussex County
Phone: (302) 856-5353, ext. 152

Legal Services for Immigrant Victims / Offenders

Community Legal Aid Society
100 W. 10th Street
Suite 801
Wilmington, Delaware 19801
Phone: (302) 575-0660

La Esperanza
216 N. Race Street
Georgetown, Delaware
Phone: (302) 854-9262

Latin American Community Center
403 N. Van Buren Street
Wilmington, DE 19805
Phone: (302) 655-7338
Paralegal available five days per week and lawyer available on Thursdays for civil issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault. Bi-lingual support groups for victims of domestic violence.

Support Groups for Immigrant Victims / Offenders

Catholic Charities
2601 West 4th Street
Wilmington, DE 19805
Bi-lingual counselors available for one-on-one counseling.
Phone: (302) 655-9624
Fax: (302) 655-9753
Certified Offender Program

507 Philadelphia Pike
Wilmington, Delaware 19809
Certified Offender Programs
Victim Support Groups
Phone: (302) 762-8989
Fax: (302) 762-8987

La Esperanza
216 N. Race Street
Georgetown, Delaware
Phone: (302) 854-9262
Victim Support Groups

Latin American Community Center
701 S. Maryland Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19014
Bi-lingual support groups for victims.
Phone: (302) 655-7338

Turning Point at People’s Place II
1129 Airport Road
Milford, DE 19963
Phone: (302) 424-2420
Certified Offender Programs

Police Victim Services

DE State Victim Services (24 hours)
Phone: 1-800-842-8461

Latina resources and Spanish-language information as indicated on

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