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All members of the Review Team, plus other individuals invited to participate, are considered part of the review panel for a particular case or incident. The Review Team frequently invites law enforcement personnel to participate in any case in which his or her agency investigated the death, near-death or had involvement with the victim prior to the domestic violence incident under review.

The Review Team may also invite the participation of individuals with particular expertise that would be helpful to the review panel, or representatives from organizations or agencies that had contact with or provided services to the individual prior to that individual’s own death or near-death, that individual’s abusive partner or family member and/or the alleged perpetrator of the death or near-death.

Cases involving the death of a minor related to domestic violence are reviewed jointly by the regional panel of the Child Death, Near Death and Stillborn Commission and the Review Team.

FIRT Co-Chairs

The Honorable Jan R. Jurden
The Honorable Vincent J. Poppiti
Dana Harrington Conner, Esq.

FIRT Members

In accordance with (Title 13, Section 2105)  in addition to the co-chairs, the Review Team shall consist of seven core members:

  • The Attorney General or the Attorney General’s designee
  • The Director of the Division of family Services or the Director’s designee
  • The president Judge of the Superior Court , or the President Judge’s designee;
  • The Chief Judge of the Family Court or the Chief Judge’s designee;
  • The Director of the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, or the Director’s designee;
  • The Commissioner of the Department of Correction or the Commissioner’s designee;
  • A law-enforcement officer to be appointed by the Delaware Police Chiefs’ Council
  • A treatment provider from a certified batterers’ intervention program appointed by the Council;
  • Two victim advocates appointed by the Council; and,
  • A victim of domestic violence appointed by the Council.


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