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Medical Committee

Domestic violence remains a challenge to the medical community and patients alike. Domestic violence diminishes a health care provider’s ability to deliver effective care and is often the root cause of many common problems encountered as a provider, such as headache, pain syndromes, noncompliance of medication and multiple emergency room visits. Domestic violence may affect […]

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Legislative Committee

Legislation (1993-present) Enhancing victim safety has always been the highest priority of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council.  With the creation of the DVCC in 1993 came the passage of Delaware’s Protection From Abuse statute and the beginning of a multitude of DVCC initiatives designed to increase the safety of domestic violence victims and their families […]

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Immigration Committee

Delaware Resource Numbers | National & Regional Numbers |Naturalized & Non-Citizens Applying for a Driver’s License | Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders | PFA_vs_NoContact   Immigrant victims of domestic violence – whether documented or undocumented – face a number of barriers when seeking help and are less likely to report crimes or seek police assistance because […]

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Elderly & Domestic Violence Committee

Department of Justice – Senior Protective Initiative | Elderly and Disability Resources (Delaware) | Infographic and Resource List (printable)   Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elders and other vulnerable adults have no boundaries and cross all racial, social class, gender and geographic lines. Abuse of vulnerable adults includes several types of violence that occur among those ages 60 and older […]

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Criminal Justice Committee

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders | PFA_vs_NoContact   Enhancing victim safety has always been the highest priority of the DVCC from the initial passage of the Protection From Abuse statute to a multitude of other initiatives designed to increase the safety of domestic violence victims and their families through increase collaboration and enhanced system response. […]

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Children and Domestic Violence Committee

Children Resources | Educating Delaware Students | Family Visitation Centers |Teen Dating Resources | Department of Justice – Family Division |Safe & Together Model   The Children and Domestic Violence Committee brings together representatives from the Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families (DSCYF), the General Assembly, Family Court, the Department of Justice, law […]

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Fatal Incident Review Team

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council Fatal Incident Review Team   FIRT Reports | FIRT Membership | FIRT Policy & Procedures The Domestic Violence Coordinating Council’s Fatal Incident Review Team (FIRT) was established by statute in 1996 (Title 13 Section 2105) and became the first statewide team in the country. FIRT members are dedicated professionals whose primary […]

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State of Delaware – Domestic Violence Coordinating Council Committees   Much of the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council’s work is accomplished through Committees comprised of Council members, staff, advocates, law enforcement, prosecutors, service providers, and community members. The diverse membership of DVCC Committees allows for greater input on domestic violence issues. The diverse membership of DVCC Subcommittees […]

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