Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

DVCC Mission Statement

The Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC) is a state agency legislatively created to improve Delaware’s response to domestic violence and sexual assault. The DVCC brings together all stakeholders including service providers, policy-level officials and community partners to eradicate domestic violence. The DVCC is committed to leading the nation through innovative legislative action, community education and an outstanding coordinated system response to violence in families and the community.

Statutory Duties:

  • Continuously study court services and procedures, law enforcement procedures and protocol, and criminal justice data collection and analysis as it relates to domestic violence.
  • Effectuate coordination between agencies, departments and the courts with victims of domestic violence and abuse;
  • Promote effective prevention, intervention, and treatment techniques which will be developed based upon research and data collection;
  • Recommend standards for treatment programs for perpetrators of domestic violence to the Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families and the Department of Correction;
  • Review and comment upon legislation relation to domestic violence introduced in the General Assembly at the request of any member of the General Assembly or on its own initiative; and
  • Improve the response to domestic violence and abuse so as to reduce the incidents thereof.

(13 Del.C § 2103)

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