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Immigration Committee

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Immigrant victims of domestic violence – whether documented or undocumented – face a number of barriers when seeking help and are less likely to report crimes or seek police assistance because they fear they will be reported to federal immigration authorities and deported. This committee, made up of service providers, advocates, survivors of domestic violence and other interested parties openly discusses the additional barriers confronting an Immigrant Victim and works to effectuate change. The committee also maintains an open dialogue about the constantly changing laws, service issues and needs of the immigrant victim.

Laura Graham, Esq.
At-Large Member
Staff Information:
Aimee String
(302) 424-7238
See calendar for meeting dates

Resources Available:

Advocates Guide for Working with Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence
The Guide provides practical tips and considerations to help advocates address the complex and unique needs of an immigrant victim including a list of both state and national resources.

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