Domestic Violence
Coordinating Council (DVCC)

Elderly & Domestic Violence Committee

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The DVCC revitalized the Elderly and Domestic Violence Committee. The Committee, made up of representatives from the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, law enforcement, advocates and community partners, is working to identify safe, temporary housing options for elderly victims of domestic violence in order to reduce the potential for additional victimization when the accused is a family member who resides with the older victim.

The current goals of the DVCC Elderly and Domestic Violence Committee are:

  • Develop systems to compile data to identify the needs of elderly victims of domestic violence;
  • Provide education to the judiciary and law enforcement and promote awareness of domestic violence to older members of the community;
  • Identify / expand emergency and safe transitional housing options for elderly who are victims of domestic violence; and
  • Develop a statewide corps of volunteer peer advocates to provide advocacy and accompaniment to elderly victims throughout the criminal justice process.


Hon. Matthew P. Denn,
Delaware Attorney General
Staff Information:
Pat Kwetkauskie
(302) 255-0410
See calendar for meeting dates

Picture of the front cover for the Elderly and Domestic Violence in Delaware report

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